Credit Monitoring

Stay Informed About Your Credit Score

Partner with our credit monitoring company in Texarkana, AR

With how important your credit is, it only makes sense you should take steps to protect it. At Griffins Financial Services, LLC, we can do just that through our credit tracking service. Our credit monitoring company in Texarkana, AR will watch your credit score for any reported changes.

With up to $1 million in fraud protection, we'll help you cover any massive losses caused by identity theft. Then, we'll work with you to undo any changes made to your credit and keep you afloat until things are back under control.

Don't leave your credit unprotected. Reach out to us today to start using our credit tracking service.

Making sure you're in the loop

Making sure you're in the loop

Your credit score should never be a mystery. To make sure this doesn't happen, our credit monitoring company will:

  • Send immediate email updates when something changes
  • Provide you with monthly updates on how your credit has changed
  • Create a customized credit review just for you

With our services, you can confidently remain informed about your credit at all times. Call us today at 903-748-2670 to set up monitoring for your account.